Importance of Placement consultancy chennai for job seekers and employers
September 28, 2019 0

What is a placement consultancy?

Advancement in technology and mushroom growth of industries has resulted in ample employment offers. But still unemployment has become a hot topic in the town.

On deep analysis it is understood that both employer and job seekers are not well connected to each other.

This can be easily rectified by a placement consultancy Chennai that works on linking both employer and job seekers. Chennai being the hub of IT industries is in demand of best placement consultancy.

This article clearly elaborates the role played by placement consultancy in Chennai.


What Employment Roles?

Right employment is bliss and it is not easy for everyone to enjoy it. To achieve this hurdles to be faced are plenty. Competition filled job market has made the job of both job providers and job seekers a tough task.

Placement agencies in Chennai prune the thorn filled path of job seekers creating the best job opportunities for eligible candidates. The importance of a placement agency in job seekers perspective is well proved and there is no negotiation.

Role of recruitment agencies in Chennai:

Recruitment agencies are hired by companies either small or big to overcome the difficulties involved in identifying the best candidate.

In addition to it recruitment agencies help job seekers to grab the right job. Contacting the best recruitment agency would help you in many ways.

These agencies can be easily reached. The medium of communication can either be through phone, walk-ins or email. Most of the recruitment agencies have involved themselves in offering training for aspirants.

These training would help the candidate to fit in the job stated by the employers.

The top job consultancy in Chennai never stops their service just by placing a candidate. They extent their service by checking for any complaints or discomfort from both jobseekers and job providers.

10 Reasons for choosing placement services in Chennai

  1. Professional stature of the consultancy
  2. Proper analysis on job market
  3. Identifying reliable companies
  4. Acts as a time saver
  5. Proper job alerts
  6. Maintaining confidentiality
  7. Resume writing
  8. Training to face interview
  9. Negotiations on salary
  10. Service at free of cost for job seekers


1. Professional stature of the consultancy

The professional Stature of an agency plays the most vital role. The best recruitment companies in Chennai have created their brand by making goodwill for more than a decade.

Either it could be an IT consultancy in Chennai or any other manpower consultancy in Chennai; it scrutinizes the list of candidates available and shortlists the eligible candidates. 

Short listing makes the job of employer much simpler.

2. Proper analysis on job market

The best consultancy services in Chennai always involve in depth analysis on the job market. Such analysis makes the job of handling various human resource requirements easy.

Employment consultancies in Chennai maintain a proper database on both past and present applications they received and utilize them at the right time.

This database helps them to provide proper reference and fill the vacancy without any hindrance.

3. Identifying reliable companies

Job consultancy in Chennai will always tie up with a firm that has high turnover and provides job security. There are many companies which are not reliable and candidates get struck in their trap spoiling their career.

Adroit48, the best Job consultancy in Chennai adhere to the Government labor laws and never put down the hope of a candidate. Companies highlighted by recruitment agencies can be trusted for job security.

4. Acts as a time saver

Placement agencies in Chennai can otherwise be termed as a time saver for both job seekers and employers. The job of planning and executing the application is drastically reduced with the help of recruitment agencies.

Moreover, candidates can rely on such agencies instead of waiting for weeks to get updates on their interview process.

Adroit48 is a professional consultant motivating the candidates in all possible ways and makes him confident to face the interview successfully.

5. Proper job alerts

Consultancies maintaining a proper brand are always trusted by international companies that never disclose their job opening in public. Jobseekers in touch with the best manpower consultancy in Chennai are alerted on such job openings.

Many consultancies offer training on how to face the interview in international companies. Adroit48 is a big shot recruiter having links with international employers. It acts as a destiny maker for efficient candidates.

6. Maintaining confidentiality

A well branded consultancy in Chennai like Adroit48 is meant for maintaining confidentiality on both employer and employee information.

Data breach has become an inevitable factor now a day and it can be avoided by choosing the eminent job consultancy in Chennai.

7. Resume writing

Developing a resume is a challenging task and many lose their opportunity for not building an effective resume. The best job consultancy in Chennai, Adroit48 has an efficient team who can help you in bringing out the best resume to grab the attention of the employer.

8. Training to face interview

Adroit48 is not less in preparing the candidate for facing different rounds of an interview. The training offered by our team helps the candidate to overcome the challenges involved in the interview process.

The team highlights both strong and weak points of a candidate and helps them in overcoming their weaker side. This encouragement increases the level of confidence in a candidate.

9. Negotiations on salary

The worth of a candidate is well understood by the perfect job consultancy in Chennai. An experienced consultant works hard on fitting the right candidate at the right place with the right compensation.

They also give space for the employees to negotiate on the salary. Adroit48 never fails in providing the best compensation for its candidates.

10. Service at free of cost for job seekers

Not to get a single penny from the candidates is the best policy followed by job consultancies in Chennai. Job seekers can always avail their service on free of cost.

It is a blessing to be in the hands of best consultancies at no cost. Adroit48 offers an extraordinary free service to their candidate which is worth a million dollar.



Highlights of Adroit48:

Adroit48 has proved itself for more than a decade and still tops the list of best recruitment consultancies in Chennai. The factors that make it successful in the market are

  • Clear and transparent policies
  • Simple documentation process
  • Streamlined recruiting procedure
  • Owning a qualified and well experienced team

The effort taken by Adroit48 in placing the candidate in the right position is always appreciated.

Adroit48 team is dedicated towards providing the best service for both job seekers and job providers and is always successful in completing the task on time.