Investment on land properties in Chennai
September 28, 2019 0

Introduction Land Properties Chennai

Investment is much easier to understand rather than understanding where to invest. It is the intention of everyone to grow their money. The biggest question is where and how to invest. Doubling the investment is not always easy.

There are many ways of investing like stocks, trade, house etc. A Land property in Chennai is the most profitable investment having the power to double your money within a short term.

Buying and selling of land properties is not trusted by many but once experienced people will never opt for any other investment plan.

Benefits of owning a land property in Chennai

It is the belief of many, that investing in land is a waste of money. The million dollar question is why to invest on vacant land and what is the use in it. Below are the few highlights on the benefits of investing on land property in Chennai.

  • Vacant land demands nothing to be done

Buying a vacant land does not need any effort like renovation. Just purchase the land, hold till the right time and sell it for a good profit.

  •  Safe the money to be utilized for renovation

Investing on a vacant land makes you free from expenses like leakages, bursting pipes, removing bugs etc which are frequent while maintaining a building.

The land remains there increasing the value of your money and one fine day turns out to be the biggest property for the investors.

  • Land owners always have the intention to sell the property

Most of land owners will never reside in that particular place. Either they will be residing in some other place in the same town or reside in some other city. They only motive will be sell the land and make a profit.

The lack of emotional attachment towards the land makes the land owners ready for selling their property at any time when he gets the desired profit.

  • Less competition

At present competition are high for purchasing constructed buildings like apartments, individual houses, etc. Competition is the major factor that increases the price of the property. Land being less in competition is cost effective to buy and as years passes its value will be increased.

  • No need for financial support from any source

Most of the time buying a vacant land does not demand much. You can manage with what you have. But it demands proper research. An effective research helps you purchase a land at very low price and sell it for a very good profit.

  • Stay cool

Land is considered as a tangible asset. It cannot be stolen or broken. There is not need for the landowners to go and check it often for the purpose of maintenance. Owning the right property for a long term will never put you down in case of profit.

5 Things to ensure when buying a land

In real estate investment on land is considered to be the best investment. Investing on land is a good idea but it is mandatory to focus on the following criteria to make your purchase more profitable.

  • Approvals and licenses

Paperwork is the most important criteria to check twice while buying a land.  The following is the important documents to be cross checked carefully.

  • Title deed

A clear title plays the vital role while purchasing a land, apartment, agricultural land etc. before purchasing a property make sure you check for any unclear deeds. Any such deeds should be addressed without any fail.

  • Certificate of release

a release certificate from the bank is very important for reselling a land. When you purchase a land always ask for a release certificate from the owner.

  • Encumbrance Certificate

Encumbrance certificate proves that the property is free from any legal debt.

  • Receipts on property tax

Adhering to the government rule is the fundamental duty of every citizen. So always ask for previous tax receipts before buying a land.

Local Approvals: All clear certificates on the land by the local authorities still increases the chance of buying it. So always ask for approvals from the local authorities.

Understanding the financial landscape of a property is much important. The main purpose behind investing in a land property is profit and it becomes possible on proper research.

It doesn’t mean that properties within the city limits are eligible for higher profit. As cities expand the land on the outskirts also yield ample profit for its owner.

Potential of the land

Checking the potential of the land property is another criterion to be satisfied. Before buying a land, it is important for the investors to check whether it is suitable for construction or not.

This research would help the owner in case he decides to construct a building for himself or sells it to someone who wishes to build a house there. Availability of water and basic amenities are also included. 

Understanding the potential gives us a clear picture on the profit to be yielded.

Adroit48 for your land investment

Though we are aware of fraudulent sometime we fail to make out the cheaters while investing on land properties in Chennai.  It is always advisable to follow expert guidance to invest the hard earned money in a safer place.  

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Finding a land property in Chennai is made much easier with Adroit48.

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