Is real estate booming? Check out best Real estate companies in Chennai
October 8, 2019 0

About Real Estate Companies in Chennai

Real estate has become the major business especially in metro cities like Chennai. The growing population along with economical development has resulted in the growth of real estate.  Real estate in Chennai is booming day by day.

Real estate involves buying and selling of lands, buildings, houses etc. investing on lands or buildings has become the best way for increasing your savings. This article speaks on the role played by real estate companies in making our investment more profitable.

Three major types of real estate in Chennai

Real estate involves many properties among which following three are most important:

  • Land Property
  • Residential Property
  • Commercial Property

Land Property:

Vacant land is considered to be the best investment either for a short term or long term. Let the location be in the heart of the city or in the outskirts it will yield a better profit for the investor.

The increasing population will definitely demand extension of the city and a land in the outskirts will become the hub in mere future increasing its value.

Adroit48 always maintains a better database on the lands available for sale. Adroit48 team can be approached for both buying and selling of property sites in Chennai. 

Land property includes agricultural land, vacant land etc and Adroit48 never says “No” for your requirements.

Residential Property:

Residential property is of different types. Individual houses, apartments, villas, duplex  etc are categorized under residential property.

“Home Sweet Home” is the best tag loved by everyone and Adroit48 helps you in making your home a sweet place to live. Requirements may differ from person to person and Adroit48 works hard to satisfy the various needs of its customers.

  • Individual houses Property

Individual houses are for customers who prefer privacy and not interested in sharing his or her land with anybody else. A well built house with plants around and fences for safety is the wish for such customers.

Androit48 has plenty of such locations within and outside the city limits satisfying the demands of its customers.

Androit48 owns hundreds of sites all over Chennai. Whatever be the location you prefer, the team shows you the best place. Adroit48 can be approached for best residential property in Chennai.

  • Apartment Property

This is for people who prefer community living. Sharing of space, being together, additional amenities like swimming pool, security, gym, park etc are the uniqueness of community living.

Among apartment lovers few prefer high rise buildings and few prefer low rise buildings. The team of Adroit48 will tailor its sites according to your wish.

  • Villa Property

Being in villa is a gated community living. This is similar to apartment living but here the investors own the land along with the building.

Villa is filled with all sorts of luxuries that you can enjoy in five star hotels. Bigger rooms, extraordinary infrastructure, swimming pools, gym, club house etc makes you feel the essence of luxury at home.

  • Farm house Property

Farm house is meant for pleasant living and Adroit48 is expert in finding you the best farm house to live in.  Agricultural land around and an elegant house in it is a bliss. Adroit48 helps you to lead a heavenly life by locating you the best farm house.

Commercial Property

This is the other important real estate business by Adroit48. Commercial property includes vacant land for commercial purpose, industrial buildings, malls etc. Being experienced in real estate business, Adroit48 is successful in dealing with commercial property too.

By contacting Adroit48 you can get to know the best location for commercial purpose. Whatever be your business, we the team of Adroit48 will never fail to identify you the best location that adheres to the norms of the government.

How to check authenticity of real estate companies in Chennai

 The mushroom growth of real estate companies in Chennai has put many into trouble. The biggest question is how to identify the reliable real estate agents in Chennai.

Many seem to be experienced and professional but finally the process ends up by consuming your savings for no reasons. Here are few tips to throw away the black sheep.

  • Checking for past records

It is always better to go through the past records of the real estate companies in Chennai. The questions to be answered are

  1. How many projects have been completed by them?
  2. Was the entire project completed on time?
  3. Was there any issues faced by the customer after buying a property from that particular real estate company in Chennai?
  4. How many projects are pending?
  5. Whether the customers are completely satisfied with their service?
  6. Does the real estate company take responsibility in case of any issues faced after selling the property?

Answers for the above question will give you a clear picture about the real estate companies in Chennai. Moreover the Ministry of Corporate Affairs maintains a database on real estate companies. This database helps you to find the following:

  1. Address of the company
  2. Name of directors
  3. Number of projects
  4. Capital invested etc

This website also highlights details on any charges faced either by the company or its board of directors.

Adroit48 maintains a very good record and none of its customers are disappointed with its service. One can understand the reliability of Adroit48 just by checking its past projects.

  • Financial health of real estate companies in Chennai

Checking the financial health of the real estate agents in Chennai is the next criteria to be satisfied. A company with very good financial status will never fail in providing a better service. Few of the startups may struggle to complete a project due to financial crisis. This may delay the project and increases the waiting time of the customers.

Adroit48 is always high in financial status and never lets its customers down by delaying the work. Let it be an individual house, apartments, villa etc Adroit48 delivers the project on time.

  • Check for ratings:

It is always good to check for the rating of the real estate agencies in Chennai before buying a property. The following are the parameters included while rating a real estate company in Chennai:

  1. Project execution with specified standards
  2. Delivery of projects on time
  3. Financial strength of the company
  4. Past records maintained by the company

Adroit48 always maintains a very good rating by strictly following all the norms stated above. Its customer has never faced any trouble before and post purchase of property from Adroit48.

  • Are banks ready for providing loan?

Before providing a loan facility for property sites in Chennai, the banks go through all the records maintained by the company. If it comes across any issues faced by the company in the past, the loan facility will be barred immediately.

Checking for availability of bank loans is the best and easiest method for understanding the reliability of the real estate agents in Chennai.

Adroit48 has tie up with all top rated banks for providing loans for its customers. Just the brand Adroit48 will make you eligible for availing loans.

  • Read the contract carefully

Verbal commitments will mislead you most of the times. It is always better to ask for everything in writing. The following are the important criteria to be checked:

  1. Date of possession
  2. Penalty in case of delay in possession
  3. Terms on payment

The sales team always carries a readymade agreement. It is the responsibility of the customer to go through the document carefully for important information. The customer should retain a copy of the agreement.

The paper work done by Adroit48 is always clear and it covers all the norms stated by the government. One can sign the agreement copy of Adroit48 blindfolded.

Adroit48 the best real estate company in Chennai:

Adroit48 works towards satisfying its customers. Customers are its strength and it never fails to put a smile on their face.

The handpicked team of Adroit48 is ready to serve its customers to overcome any issue related to the property.

Customers of Adroit48 are always on safer hands. Adroit48 always tops the list for its extraordinary service.